Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Jam On

WHOA!!! Had a friend turn me onto this band called Mama's Love. Let me tell you they rock. Go see them, I can't wait until I get the chance. You can buy their new album from their website, but you can also download two sets of live music for free! Take a listen, you will not be sorry you did....

Brookies and Beer

What a great day this past Sunday was! Caught some really nice fish at the hatchery, but the crowning jewel was the hike in and catching of some beautiful brook trout on a beautiful creek I found on the map. These pictures say it all! Washed it all down with a delicious Sweetwater seasonal brew called Road Trip. Couldn't ask for anything better!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

What's On Tap and What's Playing (Nothing spins anymore)

Tonight it's the always delicious Corona Extra! Why you ask? Because nothing tastes better than a nice cold Corona Extra after work, and because I had some in the fridge....

As for what's spinning, the answer is nothing. But, Mind Bender by Stillwater is playing digitally on the pod. I know this song is much older than I, but Rock 101.1's Classic Rock Z to A found me at the right time on Monday. I had to purchase the song on iTunes and have been jamming it nonstop. When that song ends the standard Phish resumes....

Monday, May 17, 2010

Free Beer Will Haunt You

WHOA NOW!!! Woke up with a hangover from Hell this morning from drinking free cold beer all day at the BMW Pro-Am in Greenville, SC. Had to drag myself out of bed and attend class at 8 am. Stumbled up the mountain to try and cash in on the tailend of the low pressure system that came through this past weekend. Managed to catch a few and battled a few others. No real hatches, but did have this big stonefly land right on my finger. Fishing got really tough when the skies went to bluebird. We'll get back on it Sunday

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Here it is people, the page where MuddlerMan's true views can finally be expressed without rules (except my own) or censorship. Fly-fishing isn't as hard as people make it out to be. Just put some time into it, and the benefits will be reaped soon enough! Just a few pics I want to add to kick this whole shebang off with....Tune in frequently, as the pics and topics will change with the weather!