Monday, June 28, 2010

Brookies Before The Storm

Headed up the mountain this past Sunday to try my luck against some brookies. Last Thursday I dropped my digital camera in the water, VERY displeased with myself. That being said, all I had to capture my endeavor was my trusty Sony HD video camera. Luckily a few little guys were willing to smile for the camera; although be biggest ones seem to bite when the camera isn't rolling! I'll let the video do the talking, as it sums up the entire day. Fished for about 3 hours before the storm rolled in. It's wild, on those little streams the fish completely turn off when the sun goes behind the clouds. Hope y'all enjoy!


Friday, June 25, 2010

Slammin' Video

Got the Appalachian Slam on Thursday. The day was bittersweet; the fishing was great, but my camera went for a swim. I think it's a goner. Oh well, feces occurs. If you go to you can watch it in HD. Hope y'all enjoy the video!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Gone Phishin'

Really stoked! Got my ticket for what will probably be the only concert I get to see this summer, PHISH in Charlotte. Can't wait for July 2nd. If they don't let me off work, I'm quiting!

Monday, June 21, 2010


Don't really know where to start with this one folks. Sunday was an absolutely epic day of fishing. Left the house at 8 and headed up the mountain to meet up with the Mayor of Raliegh aka Transylwader aka Mike. Cool ass South African dude that turned me onto a couple creeks he had scoped out previously in his fishing endeavors. I'll try to let the pictures do most of the talking.

I really like mushrooms...
The first creek we hit was a beauty of a wild brown stream. The day was forecasted as being hotter than hell, so Mike very fittingly put us on a well canopied stream.
We both managed some nice wild browns, this being the best I brought to hand. There were many more hooked, but we chose to fish barbless there were many fish lost also. Adds to the challenge!
A couple insects I'm sure the fish were slurping down, when they weren't eating our flies!

Left the first stream for this jewel around 1:30. I'm not too sure why we didn't catch any fish in this pool, it looked so pristine! All jokes aside, I thought this would make a pretty good picture as we were getting off the first stream. Mike obliged.
Next, we headed not too far down the road to test our skills against some little wild rainbows. This is one of the better I brought to hand. Realized my camera was dying, so I didn't take too many photos... We fished some beautiful water though!
We planned our location so we could try our best at the Appalachian Slam, we were not disappointed! Fished a beauty of a high elevation bedrock stream that produced as many brookies as casts we made. They were all really colored up and of really good size too!

Rounded the day out with a few beers and some map studying, preparing for the next Transylvania County Takedown!

Stay tuned, will be following the same circuit Thursday and hopefully capturing the venture on HD video....


Monday, June 7, 2010

Lots to Report

Been getting some pretty good fishing done here lately. These first two pictures are from this past Sunday. I was fishing up on the Blue Ridge Parkway, the elevation was 4700 feet! It was my first adventure into the highlands, and I was really struck by the beauty of it all. Managed some nice brookies!
This picture was taken while I was fishing last Thursday, the fishing was really good that day also. Caught some nice brookies and a rainbow out of the same stream. One species short of the slam!
I got this past Saturday off due to a little shindig one of my buddies was throwing Friday night. Let's just say I had felt better in my life when I set off for the river. I managed to catch a few little browns, no monsters like the behemoth from last week, but wild browns none the less!

Stay tuned in, a hardcore day of fishing on the Parkway is due this Thursday!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rainy Day, Temporary Bad Attitudes, BIG Fish

Sunday was another rainy day, but the difference was I got to fish in it. Me and a good friend set out to battle with some finned vertebrates. The only trouble was that not many wanted to battle. We fought the rain, fishless-ness, and sinking morale. Managed to catch a dink brown and had a couple really nice fish come unglued. My buddy managed to snag himself a dink also. I was getting frustrated with the fishing and my friend and I were starting to get a little testy with one another. I had figured out the micro focus feature on my camera and snapped a couple pictures while waiting for the fish to bite. Here is what I saw!

At this point there were still no fish biting and my buddy and I were really getting tired of each other's company. I wanted to fish one more spot before we called it a day out of shear frustration. Low and behold, my friend starts to trudge right through the water I'm wanting to fish. I lost it, said a few choice words, and he had a few for me in return! Finally got him out of the water I wanted to fish. I made one cast upstream, and this beast chomped a size 16 green rubber-legged bead head nymph. What a fish. I made the comment before we started fishing, "Dude, there's big fish in this water." The only response I got was, "Prove it." Well here is the proof!