Monday, June 7, 2010

Lots to Report

Been getting some pretty good fishing done here lately. These first two pictures are from this past Sunday. I was fishing up on the Blue Ridge Parkway, the elevation was 4700 feet! It was my first adventure into the highlands, and I was really struck by the beauty of it all. Managed some nice brookies!
This picture was taken while I was fishing last Thursday, the fishing was really good that day also. Caught some nice brookies and a rainbow out of the same stream. One species short of the slam!
I got this past Saturday off due to a little shindig one of my buddies was throwing Friday night. Let's just say I had felt better in my life when I set off for the river. I managed to catch a few little browns, no monsters like the behemoth from last week, but wild browns none the less!

Stay tuned in, a hardcore day of fishing on the Parkway is due this Thursday!

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