Friday, December 10, 2010

Greetings from Colorado

Greetings folks, longtime no-talk! I've made my way to Colorado, and let me just say this place is amazing! The natural beauty is breathtaking and the cold really isn't that cold. Although I've been told to wait until the -30 degree days... not looking forward to that. I'm just at the south end of Rocky Mountain National Park, working at the C Lazy U Ranch. People here are super cool and laid back, and everybody likes to drink beer! I'm working as a ranch hand, which means I do whatever anybody tells me to. It's not a bad gig, I'm never stuck doing the same thing very long and I'm always outside.

Naturally, it didn't take me very long to get to the important thing, fishing. I'm located right on the headwaters of the Colorado river. It's hard to believe this is the same river that runs through the Grand Canyon.

This photo was taken on the road to Steamboat Springs coming out of Rabbit Ears Pass. Photos just do not do this place justice. The panoramic views are insane! I went to Steamboat looking for the Yampa River. It's about an 80 miles drive from the ranch. I got to Steamboat and couldn't find any public water, so I turned around and made the trip all the way back to the Colorado. Wasted alot of gas and time, and wasn't particularly happy about that. I've since found out where the public water is and plan on heading back that way as soon as possible. There are supposedly some bruisers lurking in the Yampa's waters.

This picture was taken one evening as I was heading back into the ranch.

FISH!!! These are a few of the fish I've managed to nab from the Colorado. The first picture is the best fish I've caught so far, and I know there are bigger out there. Right now they are really keyed into small nymphs and midges. On warm, sunny days there are midge hatches and the fish turn on. Unfortunately, the water is so cold, you can only stand to be in it for short periods of time. Unless you're catching fish, of course. Every fish I've caught has been a brown, and I'm cool with that. Browns are my favorite, I think people know that!

I figured out the self-timer on my camera. This is taken on the ranch looking North.

This is by far the best picture I've taken while out here. It reminds me of Trey Anastasio's song, "Mountains In The Mist." This picture was taken in Fraser, CO while looking for a fly-shop. Turns out we drove 20 miles for some Taco Bell. Apparently, the fly-shop closes down in winter to make room for skiing equipment. Who would rather ski that fish? Nobody I care to know!

I have the feeling I'm in for a long winter, but that's what I signed up for. I can't wait until the snow melt is over and the fishing opens up everywhere. There is so much water around here that it boggles one's mind.

Anyways, y'all keep it real, and I'll do the same.