Sunday, April 3, 2011

What'r Ya Knowin?

The winter has been rather eventful, but SPRING is in the air. We've been seeing robins, bluebirds, and mice...

A few weeks ago I was taking out snowmobile tours. People would get these machines stuck, Jamie and I would have to dig our asses off to get them out. But, along came the Snow Bunjee. "Stuck Sucks." With this contraption there is no digging. A couple pullers and a throttle, done deal. Best investment I can think of when it comes to snowmobiling!

These days the name of the game is snow removal. With rising temperatures, the snow melts. Duh. The problem here is flooding. The snow piles formed over winter have to be moved. I guess it was time to learn how to really operate heavy machinery! I spend alot of time in the skid-steer moving piles of snow...

And the heavy jobs call for the backhoe. Hell Yeah!

The scenery isn't the worst. The bull moose have lost their antlers, but majestic to see, none the less.

It's not all work! I get to play my fair share...

Much to my chagrin, I've been doing some skiing. I'll have to say, I'm a little better than I thought I would be. After a few trips to the mountain, it's a little easier to get into the "Groove." Aww yeah...

Papa Georgio made it out here. What a treat!

Let's not forget why I came out here. The fishing has been pretty good the past few weeks, but things are about to get weird, shortly. With the warming temps, the rivers will be more and more blown out, decreasing fishing opportunities. It's this little thing called "Run Off."

Regardless, here's some pics of recent fish...

The river I've been fishing exclusively is the Colorado. In the Colorado there are around 5,000 brown trout per mile, while there are around 150 rainbows per mile. The rainbow population was drastically reduced due to Whirling Disease.

The Colorado has opened up through Hot Sulphur Springs. I FINALLY caught something other than a brownie! And it just so happens that the first rainbow I caught was tagged. That may not mean much to some people, but I think it's pretty damn cool!

Speaking of the rivers getting weird, we're feeling the first effects of it nowish?

Fished this past Saturday and the conditions were my favorite. Off-colored water, just a bit higher, and PERFECT for fishing. I slayed fish on whatever I threw in the water. Copper Johns, Woolly Buggers, Hares Ears, Pigstickers, Egg. It was nice to say the least...

The best fish I caught this past Saturday was a beautiful 'bow! He ate the Bugger and put up a nice fight!

Overnight Saturday never got below freezing and it rained. Melting snow and rain made for a sloppy Sunday on the Colorado. I barely made it through an upstream riffle from where I wanted to fish. I couldn't see where I needed to be standing. One step and I would have been over my head. Sketchy to say the least. I made about 10 drifts, the wind got up, and I called it a day. Blown Out!

Hopefully I'll be guiding my first trip come Saturday. Weather permitting, we'll be on the water and it'll be official!

Coming home the 11th-18th. Gonna see an old friend married and plan on raising some hell!!

Heading to Cody, WY for the Orvis Rendezvous April 19-21. We're gonna take a day or two afterwards to fish.