Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rainy Day, Temporary Bad Attitudes, BIG Fish

Sunday was another rainy day, but the difference was I got to fish in it. Me and a good friend set out to battle with some finned vertebrates. The only trouble was that not many wanted to battle. We fought the rain, fishless-ness, and sinking morale. Managed to catch a dink brown and had a couple really nice fish come unglued. My buddy managed to snag himself a dink also. I was getting frustrated with the fishing and my friend and I were starting to get a little testy with one another. I had figured out the micro focus feature on my camera and snapped a couple pictures while waiting for the fish to bite. Here is what I saw!

At this point there were still no fish biting and my buddy and I were really getting tired of each other's company. I wanted to fish one more spot before we called it a day out of shear frustration. Low and behold, my friend starts to trudge right through the water I'm wanting to fish. I lost it, said a few choice words, and he had a few for me in return! Finally got him out of the water I wanted to fish. I made one cast upstream, and this beast chomped a size 16 green rubber-legged bead head nymph. What a fish. I made the comment before we started fishing, "Dude, there's big fish in this water." The only response I got was, "Prove it." Well here is the proof!

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