Saturday, September 25, 2010

New Video

Here we go again. I've been working on this video for the last month and must say I am very pleased with the results! This was filmed over multiple trips, and I got some pretty cool pics and video, at least in my opinion. I hope everyone enjoys watching it was much as I did making it!

A Workweek's Requiem from Parker Smith on Vimeo.


  1. Awesome vid. I need to make a good one like this.

  2. Very nice job! I like the part of you getting hung up in the tree. That is where I spend most of my time. =)

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  3. I've got to tell you that I'm glad you left in the backcast into that tree. As much as we can all relate to catching a few, we can that much more relate to sticking a fly into an unsuspecting tree limb! Also, the inclusions of the "whiffs" were nice. To watch some fishing video's you'd think every cast the angler makes is a hook-up with a fish. Great blog!

  4. Thanks Owl, catching the tree has definitely become the highlight of the video! Gotta keep it real

  5. Sick video as always man! Keep 'em coming!