Friday, November 18, 2011

Another Month Down

Once again life is in flux. And as usual not in a bad way. The seasons have become the determining factor of my life! Water is freezing which means we are skiing!

Fishing season is never really out of season for a person like myself, but I have a feeling fishing time will be dwindling...

That being said, in the past month I've had some great fishing. I've caught some big fish and without a doubt the highlight was fishing with my good friend, Zane. He's a youngster full of wanderlust that, I believe, has caught the wind of the Wild West. Time will tell if he'll be back...

Lately I can't help but be transfixed by skiing. Sliding down a snow covered hill in complete control is a feeling I can't help but love. The moments I lose control are the ones that keep me coming back.

Like fly fishing, one must be completely in tune with everything around him to really get the whole picture and (in fly fishing terms) catch the fish. Unlike fly fishing, one is not depending on another creature to decide success. One decision could be life or death. Sobering. Awesome.

Just a few thoughts...

As usual life is sweet!

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  1. Anybody known as MuddlerMan is right up there in my book, I've caught so many fish on a muddler my buddies call it cheating! One of my other passions is snow too, powder to be honest and on a board but whatever huh brah? Cool blog btw, take care.